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Myers Attorney's Services has been a family business for five decades. In addition to our timely and professional process service in Little Rock, we also offer private investigations, background checks, document retrieval, courier services, medical malpractice review, and document preparation services.

We began our business with process service, and our process servers set the standard for quality and accuracy. The secret is that all our Arkansas process servers have been certified by Arkansas courts and have received extensive training. This means that our process servers have all the education and experience to deliver your important documents accurately and reliably. If you need documents delivered outside of Arkansas, we have a network of professional process servers that can help. Whether you need one document delivered or need a huge number of documents delivered for your law firm, our network and team can take care of it. We offer an expedited service for tight deadlines as well as timely updates of your assignment online or through the phone so that you can always easily find out the status of your assignment.

Myers Attorney's Services takes pride in taking care of documents professionally so that you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your documents are in good hands. If you have special requests or needs, our expert staff is always willing to come up with solutions to help you. Our service in Little Rock and statewide, as well as our nationwide and international service, is designed to make your life easier.

We accept payment by money order, cash, PayPal, and check. Myers Attorney's Services is also a part of several professional groups, including, NAAPS, WAD (World Association of Detectives), ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security), and ARPPSA. Our membership ensures that we are always alert to the newest services, laws, and trends in the industry. At Myers Attorney's Services, we believe in always learning more about process service, so that we can deliver a better quality of service to you.


Myers' Attorney Services is proud to be able to offer a number of services to our clients in Little Rock, AR:

  • Process Service: Our team of process servers consists only of experienced, professional process servers who have been certified by Arkansas courts and who have received training. We work only with the best to ensure that your important documents are handled with the professionalism you deserve.
  • Private Investigation Services: If you need answers, our professional investigators have extensive experience with disability cases, asset cases, domestic investigations, and other private investigation cases. We now offer lake investigations anywhere in Arkansas.
  • Document Retrieval Services: Why travel all over Arkansas to far-away courts to get the documents you need when our team can do all the digging and travel for you?
  • Courier Services: We can pick up and deliver packages and documents across Arkansas. Our fast, careful service can help you meet those important deadlines.
  • Background Checks: Our professional team can run criminal background checks, civil background checks, and asset background checks. Get the answers you need today – call Myers' Attorney Services to find out more about this service.
  • Document Preparation: If you need documents served, you may also need someone to prepare a subpoena or complete a court filing. You can trust our professional team for accurate document preparation.
  • Medical Review and Consulting Services: The review and analysis of medical malpractice by expert nurses.

If you need other related services you do not see here, contact Myers' Attorney Services today to discuss your needs with our team.

Process Service Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few questions frequently asked by our clients. Do you have more questions? Feel free to give our process servers a call.

Do I need Little Rock process service?

If you have legal documents, such as writs or subpoenas or summons, delivered as part of a legal case in Little Rock, AR, you will need process service. Service of process ensures that your documents are served in compliance with all relevant laws to all affected parties in a legal action.

Can I serve my documents myself?

No. There are many laws that affect service of process in Arkansas, and if you make a small mistake and do not serve the documents by the book your court case could be delayed or even dismissed. Hiring professional Little Rock process servers ensures that the person serving your documents has the experience and training to serve your documents correctly.

What should I look for in service of process company or service?

Look for an experienced company that has been in the business for some time and has trained and qualified process servers. Also, make sure that the company has process servers in the area where your documents will need to be served. Myers' Attorney Services, for example, has process servers across Arkansas but also works with a network of servers to offer process service across the country and around the world.

Do you have other questions about service of process in Arkansas? Contact our team to get answers today.

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  • WAD (World Association of Detectives)
  • ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security)
  • TPSA

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